Evy Susanna, Founder

Evy was always passionate about flowers, making her own arrangements whenever she entertained at home and taking every opportunity to give arrangements to her friends. To realize her passion for flower arrangement to a higher level, she attended the comprehensive Professional program at the Flower School New York. This opportunity allowed her to learn from some of the world’s leading flower artists in master classes and workshops. Among the Master Florists’ classes she attended included those of Olivier Giugni, Bella Meyer, Emily, Thompson, Remco Van Vliet, Meredith Waga-Perez, Shane Conolly, Lindsey Taylor, and Laura Seita.


To further hone her skills in floral design, she subsequently attended the Catherine Muller Flower School in Paris. Through her courses there, she learned many different techniques and styles of floral design and developed her own style further. She considers it her joy to share her knowledge and love for the creative process of floral design with students who share her passion for flowers. Her favorite flower arrangements combine beauty, uniqueness, and elegance into one striking package.